Monday, March 9, 2009

Golden silence and a change to the share meeting

Hi Writing Ladies,
Thanks for coming to our inquiry group at lunch. I loved all the comments and quotes that were shared.
Here's what happened in ww today in Room 6:
1. After the mini lesson (which was about stretching our stories into longer pieces, not giving everything away in the first - or one and only - page), we had Golden Silence time - five minutes of EVERYONE in the room writing and no talking at all. The kids really liked it. I think it's a good thing to have as a regular part of ww. Also, the kids were so excited when Sheryl shared her piece at the end of workshop. They get to know her as a writer and that's more powerful than anything. Sheryl's enthusiasm for her story was great and contagious!
2. Conferring was good today (for me at least!). I talked to E. and S. about stretching their stories with more details. They both had an entire story on one page. We talked a while, they told me their stories, and I asked questions. Then we got more paper. We planned out what would be on each page orally. We touched and turned the blank pages just like we were reading their story if it had already been written.
3. S. and J. also had moments when people were talking in their stories. I told them to surround the talking parts with quotation marks. That's a writer's trick to show people talking. They were excited about this. We shared this during the share meeting and I bet we'll see other kids doing this now too. I made a big deal about quotation marks being a fifth grade standard and that we have to keep our new knowledge top secret. K students aren't supposed to know it yet!
4. During the share meeting, I asked ALL kids to keep out the writing they did today. They showed/read their story to their talking partner on the rug for two minutes - one minute each. I think this needs to be a regular part of ww...everyone gets to share, they begin to gain a sense of audience, and it helps with accountability...they know they need to have something in their hands each and every day. A. didn't write anything today and that made sharing time hard for her. Maybe tomorrow, she'll write something. We can only hope!

Ok...that's all for today. Got to get ready for the inservice!
Cheers, Lorrie

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