Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One more thing...A. (my sweet daughter) seems to be writing the same piece over and over and not producing a lot of writing. Don't know what's going on here. She's capable. Wondering if it's the dynamic with me in the room...or wanting it to be perfect so she's a bit paralyzed. I don't interact a lot with her during ww b/c we try to avoid conferring with our own kids. Hmmm. She seems to stay with one piece for a very long time drawing lots of details...but writing LOTS of pieces (even if they are less developed) can sometimes be more beneficial...What to do?


  1. Lorrie,
    I have been thinking about your A. Perhaps it is unfair that she is the only student in the class that has not conferenced with you. I know the TP's are not supposed to do that but you are really more of the teacher during WW. Perhaps she deserves that privelege once in awhile?

  2. Thanks, Beth. I was thinking the same thing! I conferred with her on Tuesday and I think she had a better day. It is strange talking to my girl like a "teacher" instead of her mom.