Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An idea to help kids feel like they're sharing enough

I know it seems like I'm posting a lot right now. I think that's because I read the kids' pieces and it inspires a lot of ideas...this means reading the pieces all together at one sitting...not just the quick read we do as we're in the midst of conferring. I think that's a crucial and obvious part of this experience. I don't know how to get around the time factor, but maybe it's a good habit every two weeks or once a month. here's the sharing idea: Do a mini lesson about sharing pieces with friends during the ww. If a student really feels like they need to share...tell them they can do it during the writing portion of ww. We'd need to model this. They need to find another classmate, ask if they could take a minute to listen to a piece. We could teach them how to do sayback ( a response technique that's positive only) and/or kids could point to something the writer did in his/her piece that all writers can do too...from now and forever! Maybe with this option there won't be so much urgency during the share meeting portion of ww.

Ciao for now, Lorrie

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