Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Treasures discovered from reading their writing!

Hey Ladies,

I just finished reading all the pieces that came out of the lists and letters mini lesson. It was really interesting. You'll get a packet of my comments for each student (with a copy of their pieces).

We collected the pieces by saying...give us what you worked on today we didn't get their best work or favorite piece...we got work that came out of one day's can alter the way you collect work...favorite piece, piece that you're struggling with, piece you want a conference for etc.

1. I included a teaching point for each students. This is where I would head if I were to confer with that student. I noticed that several students need the same nudge. This is when I would do a group saves time and is really efficient, but it requires that you read the pieces before ww. I do think that should be happening at least every two weeks...for accountability and to see class progress as a whole.

2. Also, mini lessons jump out. You'll see all my comments about those too. I think mini lessons coming from the writing of students in the class are super powerful. It's curriculum that has meaning to the little bodies in the room right at that moment...and therefore (theoretically) will be listened to and applied!

Cheers, Lorrie

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