Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whoops...made an assumption about revision and editing

Sheryl and I did the mini lesson about fixing and fancying up student work in preparation for their publication party (called Reading into the Circle). This was a wild least for control freak me! Sheryl was fine with it! The kids did great...especially since they were doing something for the first time.

Our comments were focusing on getting parts readable...that others wouldn't be able to understand...basically...does this make sense? We also focused on adding more details, adding endings, spacing words, numbering pages, and stapling correctly.

I did make one blunder because I made an assumption and didn't explain something clearly to Sheryl. She was doing a conference with a student who had a very long piece. I think she was doing editing AND revision in ONE conference. On this first day of conferring I just did revision-type comments which is getting the piece to make sense and/or readable. I didn't touch spelling at all (which is pure editing). That's coming during our next ww session. Revision comes first. Editing second. And the two aren't combined. That's what I forgot to tell Sheryl and the teaching parents. Whoops. That's why the conference was taking so long. Whoops.

I took all the pieces home and I've still got some revision conferences to do. Then, we can move on to spelling, fancying up the pieces (with some color etc.), practicing the publication ceremony, and then having our official celebration.

We all need to discuss the next unit of study...which one to do?

Cheers, Lorrie

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