Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mini lessons on the playground

Hey Ladies,
1. Today I saw kids making lists during recess. S. was making a list of all the boys' and girls' names so her mom could learn their names. A real world application for writing. I also saw M. making a list of girls who would like to come to her summer pool party. She was letting girls sign their own names. Talking about this and letting kids know that their writing has REAL purposes is powerful.
2. I'm noticing a lot of potential with the list genre! It got P. (from Rasmussen's) writing yesterday. It brought tears to my eyes. Dionne and Beth, you've got to see it. Sheryl was great and didn't miss a chance to get him sharing at the end of ww.
3. I'm going to read what the kids wrote during ww yesterday. Sheryl and I started going over the pieces for a brief moment today and we noticed so many mini lesson possibilities. I'll post that list when it's done too.
4. Sheryl also mentioned that R. refers to her word box for spelling words. Sheryl conferred with her and noticed that she writes pony club a lot. Sheryl added those words to her word box for later "correct spelling" reference. That's a mini lesson right there...using resources from the room like real writers.
5. If we don't have time to do an additional day of ww, sharing mini lessons (like referring to the word boxes and procedural/behavioral structures) might be best explained during a rotation. What do you think about that?
6. Okay...gotta go prep lamb and mint jelly for Saint Patrick's Day...what a fun day you created for our kids!
Green cheers to you, Lorrie

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